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A Holiday Message from Dr. Joe Gaston





From the Desk of Dr. Joe Gaston

            As 2010 winds to a close, I am reminded of the fears we have all faced in the last decade.  We were told to worry about Y2K where all the computers would implode due to our lack of foresight in using four digits for the entry of years instead of the last twoDR_JOE_GASTON_web_small.jpg digits.  We were told about the "Axis of Evil" after 9-11-2001 when we all gathered together as the U.S. mainland was attacked for the first time since the early years of our nation's formation.  We moved from Iraq to Afghanistan as we continue to wage our war on terrorism.  We had the economic downturn starting in 2007-2008 that we still feel the effects from sub-prime mortgages, government takeover of industry and rising unemployment.  These are worldly fears as we try to logically answer why and why me?  Our only peace comes from knowing that God is in charge, always has been and always will be. 

            Our last two years have allowed us to see the impact of financial recession on pet care.  For the first time in 30 years we have experienced a decrease in our growth.  We have experienced an increase in the number of clients that simply can't afford to pay for their pet care due to job losses or declining salaries.  There has been an increase in Christmas_Kitten.jpgthe number of stray and rescue patients we have been treating over the last two years.  We have done a booming business in caring for strays and rescues and have also seen an increase in our adoptions due to an improved effort of our staff.  When clients ask how we are doing, I answer, "We're seeing more patients but fewer clients that can afford to pay."  Our policy has always been to treat the patient first and worry about everything else later.

            In the New Year we will be tightening our belts in an effort to provide the best service possible at the lowest cost possible.  We will continue to strive to be available to care for the pets both you and we consider part of the family.  We know that God will provide and we will all do well as we are reminded of the joy and peace that comes to us through the Christmas season.  Romans 8: 28 "All things happen for good for those who trust in the Lord."  We know that our adversity strengthens us and molds us like the potter molds the clay to produce a useful work of art.  God bless everyone in the New Year and thanks for your support in 2010 and beyond.