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Services and Policies

There may be times when you'll need to travel and your pet may not be able to go with you. You'll want to board your pet with someone who knows your pet and can provide veterinary services if needed while you're away.

Crabapple Knoll Veterinary Clinic offers boarding for dogs, cats, and exotic animals such as birds, guinea pigs, ferrets, and rabbits. For exotics, please bring them in the cage they are accustomed to at home. Please provide the bedding materials and feeding supplies for exotic pets, as we do not stock exotic pet foods in the hospital.

Vaccination & Flea Control Policy for Dogs and Cats Boarding With Us

For your pet's protection and the well being of all pets boarding with us we require dogs and cats to be current on vaccinations. Dogs must have a current Canine Distemper/Parvovirus vaccine, Rabies vaccine, Kennel Cough (Bordetella) vaccine, and Canine Influenza vaccine. Cats must have current Feline Distemper vaccine & Rabies vaccine as well as a current Leukemia vaccine or Leukemia test. To prevent the establishment of a flea population in our kennel environment we also require dogs and cats to be on a flea control product.

Boarding Policies

All dogs boarding must receive a bath before going home. For cats a bath is optional. Dogs and cats not currently on a flea control product will be given a Capstar tablet, a flea adulticide that kills fleas for 24 hours. 

Additional Services for Boarding

Stay For The Day . Your pet can spend the day with us. Just drop your pet off in the morning and pick up before closing. This is especially helpful when the exterminator, carpet cleaning service, or other home maintenance professionals will be visiting your home.

Medications: If your pet requires medications to be given while boarding with us there will be a medication administration fee. Medications are adminstered by experienced technicians to ensure your pet receives the medication on schedule and at the correct dosage.

Hospital Boarding: If your pet needs to board in the hospital area instead of the kennel environment due to a medical condition or at the owner's request, there will be an additional fee added to the regular boarding fee. Hospital boarding includes increased technician supervision and extra exercise periods.

Extra Exercise: If you request extra exercise during the day for your pet there will be an additional fee to the regular boarding fee. This service provides an additional exercise period for your pet each day they are with us.

Extra Bedding for our boarding patients is provided upon request at no additional charge. We will gladly provide additional bedding material for your pets at your request. We'd prefer to use our bedding supplies so your valuable bedding and toys are not misplaced after washing or laundering.

For bookings or questions, please contact our office during business hours: (770) 475-8272.

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